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Your Lot or Ours

The land and location is primary importance to every building project.  Nanni Building is involved from the beginning overlooking various aspects as to soil types, grade elevations, water supply, etc.  If interested in lots we have available see tab  “Lots Available” many we consider prime lots paved roads with natural gas, we also have lots that are more secluded gravel road locations, many of them are pre-perked for soil conditions, good-elevations and familiar with local well-water supplies.

Your Plan or Ours

 Or something in-between, many times a plan is just right except ….. some things are workable to change others are not, but it is better if all are informed before the job even starts.  Nanni Building has experience to look over plans and point out any suggestion to floor plan, design, or cost/value issues.

Whole Package or Partial Build

Nanni Building Company, Inc.  will work with you on whole project, shell only, carpentry only, but all other contracting parties must be licensed, insured, reputable and timely. Our Customers are provided a detailed list of what is included and what is excluded in build package
We work with you through the whole process from the beginning to Certificate of Occupancy as applicable.